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    May 16, 2013
    4:00 - 4:31am PDT  

there's a tornado on the ground behind your house. >> texas twisters. a deadly tornado outbreak whips through north texas, injuring dozens and leaving neighborhoods in shambles. >> there is nothing left. i mean, our neighborhood is gone. it's just gone. >> the white house goes into damage control as scandals involving the irs and the terror attack in benghazi continue to unfold. stem cell break through, more treatment, more illnesss could be on the horizon after scientists recover stem cells from cloned human embryos. and collision course. cameras are rolling when a deer and a city bus have a run-in. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, may 16th, 2013.
good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, at least six people are dead this morning after a tornado swept through a north texas town. the deadly twister touched down last night in granbury about 65 miles southwest of dallas. the same storm system produced at least two other tornadoes throughout north texas wednesday evening. in addition to the damaging winds, hail stones the size of baseballs fell in some areas. reporter andrea lucia from our dallas station kttv was in granbury. we understand there was an update. >> reporter: we got information from hood county the sheriff has been keeping numbers overnight. the important number, of course, six people have died. that number has stayed kint the last few hours. we also know, though, 14 people remain unaccountled for. all of these victims are from
the same neighborhood rancho brazo, the area that took the hardest hit last night. emergency responders were able to evacuate 13 people from that community. others were bussed out. we have not been allowed in that area. tonight, we have been speaking to people as they make their way out. many told us they felt lucky to be alive after watching their homes get blown away. >> i actually survived. i'm still standing. we have no back wall. we have no windows. half of our roof is gone. our vehicles are smashed. we have two huge oak trees and they're gone. >> reporter: according to sheriff, that neighborhood has about 110 homes in it and he says the majority of them have been either severely damaged or destroyed. we also learned that the organization habitat for humanity has been very active in
that community and because of that, there was a lot of families living in this community. i asked someone making their way out what it looks like, now that victim told me, looking at it, you wouldn't even know a neighborhood had been there. reporting live in hood county, andrea lucia for cbs news. >> andrea, thank you. a suicide bomber attacked a neighbor in kabul this morning. at least six people were killed, more than 30 were wound, according to police. the powerful explosion set nearby buildings on fire amount musl muslim. the top official at the internal revenue service is out of a job, but not off the hook. president obama asked stephen miller to retire after the irs targeting of groups. miller is scheduled to testify tomorrow on capitol hill. there is an ongoing criminal investigation and the fbi is investigating possible civil rights violations.
susan mcginnis is in washington with more. good morning, susan. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. the white house is trying to show it's on top of this scandal and taking action. lawmakers here on capitol hill are requesting a full lineup of top irs officials to answer questions. president obama is cleaning house at the irs, acting commissioner steven miller is out and more heads could roll in the scandal over the irs targeting of conservative political groups. >> it's inexcusable. americans are right to be angry about it and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate the behavior. >> miller is one of three officials asking whether they were giving scrutiny to tea party groups or denied it. some lawmakers are asking whether the white house encouraged the targeting of conservative groups during the election cycle. >> where did that come from? did this come from a directive? we need the answers now.
>> reporter: miller is scheduled to testify on friday before the house ways and means committee. it will be the first of a series of hearings into irs conduct. the misconduct started in 2010 at an irs office in cincinnati, where specialists determined whether organizations qualify for tax exempt status. that's where they began screening application, using the search words tea party, 9/12 and pattiot. three committees are investigating the matter. attorney general eric holder is requesting a probe. >> this will not be about ideological persuasion, anybody who has broken the law will be held accountable. >> reporter: they are looking into whether certain civil rights groups were targeted. the president did not talk about a an announcement to replace stephen miller. he is speaking today later at a press kamps. >> thank you, susan. we are learning more about the administration's response to the attack in benghazi, libya.
the white house has released 100 documents 99 of them e-mails showing how the administration came to the so-called talking points used to describe the attack. the documents show then cia director david petraeus objected to the final version because he wanted more details revealed to the public. the first draft was changed removing direct references to al qaeda and a warning about potential attacks. major garrett has our report. >> reporter: e-mails reveal how the first draft of cia talking points prepared for u.n. ambassador susan rice watered down direct references to al qaeda links to the benghazi attacks and warnings about potential attacks. this is the first version of the benghazi talking points produced by the cia on september 14th, 2012. it says that the benghazi assaults may have been quote spontaneously inspired by the protests of the u.s. embassy in
cairo and evolved into a direct assault against the u.s. consulate. it also said, quote, we know that islamic extremists with ties to al qaeda participated in the attack. it also cites at least five other attacks against foreign interests in benghazi and that we can not rule out that individuals had previously surveiled the u.s. facilities. the final version, after numerous revisions produced at 12:13 p.m. on september 15th kept the concept of a spontaneous demonstration but removed references to al qaeda or affiliated groups, previous attacks on diplomatic facilities or the possibility of premeditated under surveillance. this page shows how much of it happened. handwritten changes ordered by deputy cia director michael morell after a white house meeting september 15th. top cia officials told us his changes consequence dentally expressed those by top state department officials.
senior u.s. officials told us the cia did not want to compromise the fbi investigation into the benghazi attacks by prejudging who might have been involved. the intelligence community wanted to protect classified information already developed on possible culprits. major garrett, cbs news, the white house. the cleveland man accused of holding three women against their will for about ten years will not plead guilty. ariel castro is being held on $8 million bond charged with rain and with rain and kid mapping. castro's lawyers say it's not fair if he can get a fair trial anywhere. prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty. the suspect in the new orleans mother's day shooting has been captured. akein scott was picked up last night in new orleans. a under surveillance video of the attack shows the crowd apparently running from a man in a white tee-shirt later identified as scott. 19 people were wounded by the
gunfire. coming up on the morning news, a huge powerball is up for grabs. in money watch, you need to watch this record setting price for this diamond. this is the "cbs morning news." diamond. this is a record price. this is the cbs morning news. "cbs morning news'
. researchers in oregon say they were able recover stem cells from cloned human embryos. the process created tissue using the dna of patients to prevent the risk of injection. it could lead to new treatments for diabetes and parkinsons an other ill insides. if you want to win the powerball you are in luck, sort of. none of the tickets matched those drawn. that means the prize will increase to an estimated $475 million ahead of saturday's drawing. the winning numbers drawn on wednesday night were 2, 11, 26, 34, 41 and the powerball 32.
26 tickets matched the first five numbers for a prize of $1 million buck, not bad. on the "cbs moneywatch," big banks get a break. ericka ferrari is here with that and more. >> reporter: good morning. most asian marks hong kong hang seng lost a fraction. investors ignored signs of the sluggish economy and drove wall street stocks higher. the dow was up 60 points wednesday ending at a record 15,275 and the s&p 500 index gained 8 points finishing at a report 1,658. the nasdaq rose 9. five major banks are reportedly getting a break in rules that would have limited risks that led to the financial crisis. the new york times identified the banks as j.p. morgan case, citigroup, banc of america, morgan stanley and goldman sachs. the times says lobbyists
pressured regulators to soften rules for derivatives. derivatives are financial instruments often used for investment protection. the largest u.s. retail industry group is objecting to an international pact aimed at improving working conditions if bangladesh garment factories. this comes after a building collapsed last month killing 1,100 factory workers. the national retail federation says the pact is too broad and too expensive. singer/actress jennifer lopez has a new job. she's the creative officer of nuevo tv. lopez says she'll be involved in marketing. nuevo tv reaches 30 million homes in the u.s. if diamonds are a girl's best friend, here's a way to put a value on that friendship. a 101 caret colorless diamond sold for a record $26.7 million
at an auction wednesday in switzerland. the buyer was harry winston, the jewelry company. anne-marie, the diamond was described as flawless, as it should be, for that amount of money. >> thank you, erickament. well, straight ahead, google wants to change the way you listen to music and organize your photos and a smashing entrance. a deer hitchs a ride on a commuter bus. es a ride on a commuter bus "cbs morning news my family to eat breakfast, i need all the help i can get. i tell them, "come straight to the table." .
here's a look at today's forecast around the country. new york and miami mostly sunny. chicago mostly sunny, a high of 76. dallas occasional thunderstorms and los angeles, sunny, a high of 73. time now for a check of the national forecast. scattered thunderstorms are possible from the western dakotas to the ohio valley. afternoon thunderstorms are possible for the mid-atlantic. scattered showers are likely across northern california, oregon, idaho, and montana. google unveiled innovative new ways to listen to music an reach out on social networks. the services were unveiled in san francisco at the national conference. >> reporter: google's annual io conference this year was a drastically different affair from last year. no high flying stunts, no new device announcements. the highlight was a surprised rare appearance by ceo larry paige who sounded hoarse due to strained vocal chords. >> we should be building great
things that don't exist. >> reporter: paige was precede bid a parade of google executives, trying out the tech giant's latest creations. among them a $10 a month streaming music service to compete with the likes of spotify and pandora. >> so this is radio without rules. the song keeps playing. in the back grounsd, all access made us a never ening list of tracks. >> reporter: a new designed google plus revealed a definition of pinterest. >> this new screen is about design and depth. >> reporter: new photo features to enhance and edit your picture. one humbly called auto awesome is a series of photos taken in quebec bursts. sharing photos may be less of a chore thanks to a tool that selects large batches of images. >> if you go to vacation in thailand, it will filter in photos you want to see, so people have you affinity for,
your family, your friends. >> reporter: google also demonstrated a simpler way to search on desktops, using your voice and a new hot wording fee cure that anticipates your query. okay. google, show me pictures of the santa cruz boardwalk. it wasn't a flashy conference, but the new tools may offer more substance, getting users the information they want when they want it. in san francisco, i'm here for cbs news. well, a bus in johnstown, pennsylvania picked up an unexpected passenger, newly released video taken on the bus shows a deer crashing through the wendshield tuesday. the deer flailed around a while. when the driver opened the door, it ran to the back of the bus. eventually, it made its way out. there was only one passenger on board at the time and there were no injuries. when we return, multi-tasking as a sport. a woman makes a run at the guinness book of world records for joggling.
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take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ jose triple stabbing. what'e learning about the man and s connection to the victims. plus: widespread destruction in northern tex. tornadoes and severe stormsl at least a half dozen peopl and on the brink of elimina. the warriors return to oakld tonight. what the team needs to do to keep their playoff dreams alive. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 ,,,,
here's a look at temperatures across the country. denver, partly sunny, a high of 81. seattle, occasional showers. in sports, the memphis grizzlies are moving on in the nba playoff. zach randolph scores 28 points for memphis. kevin durant misses a jumper with six seconds left that would have tied the game up for oklahoma city. the grizzlies win to take the series 4-1 in advance of the western conference finals for the first time in team history. the miami heat are headed to
the even conference finals. lebron james scores 23 points. dwyane wade has 18 as the heat knock off chicago 94-91. miami wins the series in five games. the los angeles dodgers $147 million pitcher jack greinke was back on the mound last night a little more than one month after breaking his collar bone in an on-field brawl. he helped out in the 2nd inning. he pitches 5 and a third innings and picks up the win as dodgers beat the nationals 3-1. and how fast could you run a mile? emily beaver completed a mile in just unsix minutes. under six minutes. she did it while juggling three hackie sack balls. the time should be enough to get her into the world records. her attempt last year was disqualified. she needed 9 more metres.
now she ran the full time. she has to wait for guinness to check everything out. this is the "cbs morning news."
. new york senator kirsten gillibrand will introduce legislation today to change the way the military deals with sexual assaults cases. the action comes as yet another serviceman in a accused of sexual assault. the case involves a sergeant at to ft. hood who is supposed to prevent these assaults. >> reporter: there are nearly 8,000 women staked at ft. hood. the army's criminal investigation is centered on a sergeant who was a sexual assault prevention and response card fator there. we've learned the sergeant allegedly had a relationship with a subordinate female soldier that involved prostitution. he allegedly approached two other female soldiers to do the same. they refused.
the sergeant has been spned from all duties and could be charged this week. last week, police in virginia arrested another man, air force leiutenant colonel jeff krusinski for allegedly groping a woman in a parking lot. he was in charge of the air force's sexual assault prevention unit. defense secretary chuck hagel had this to say. >> sexual assault is a despicable crime and one of the most serious challenges facing this department. it's a threat to the safety and welfare of our people and the health, reputation and trust of this institution. >> reporter: it's hard to compare the frequency of sexual assaults in the military to the number in the general population because of the way the pentagon defines the crime. but 6% of service women reported unwanted sexual conduct in the past year compared to just 3% of civilians. kimberly olsen is a retired air force colonel. >> if i can use a battlefield analogy, it seems like the enme
is inside the wire. >> reporter: olsen is president of grace after fire, a group provides support for women veteran, including those who have been sexually assaulted. >> commanders in the military set the kind of environments in which their troops work, in which their troops command. if you are a commander that is lackadaisical within it comes to violence or ineundos, you will create an environment in which these issues occur. >> reporter: olsen says until the military hold those commanders accountable, things will not change. a pentagon survey found that 26,000 women service members were sex welly assaulted last year but never reported it. "cbs news," dallas. coming up after your local news on cbs this morning, we'll speak with senator kirsten gillibrand about the new legislation she'll propose today on fighting sexual assaults in the military. plus, we'll have live reports from texas on the deadly tornado outbreak there. charlie sits down with
rocker and activist bono. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. at day. ,,,,
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald if you only knew what happened 30 seconds before we go on the air. [ laughter ] >> good morning. it's thursday, may 16. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is just about 4:30. are you calling me out? >> i'm just talking about all
the little secrets. >> as long art the show. >> you answered the bell. >> i asked you if you saw any rain. right now we're seeing rain but it's evaporating before it hits the ground showing up on our hi- def doppler called virga. that's right. yeah, not hitting the ground yet but there's a chance of showers on the way. more on that coming up. >> outside not too many accidents. but we are seeing some overnight roadwork both directions of the bay bridge this morning. i think that's a cop car there. toll lanes 12 through 15 blocked off right now. there's also some roadwork on the lower deck eastbound until 6:30. we'll talk more about your overnight roadwork and accidents -- [ laughter ] >> -- and all of it coming up. >> we'll talk a lot for the next 2.5 hours. thank you. it is 4:30 now. san jose police are investigating a homicide in the city's blossom valley area this morning. officers called to the 400 block of blossom hill road about 1:15. they found